Off-the-Shoulder at Hayes


Back to the Monday grind we go…



This past weekend my husband and I took a little road trip up north to San Jose. We had the luxury of staying at the beautiful Hayes Mansion. This estate was completed by the Hayes family in 1905 but is now a property of the City of San Jose and operated by Dolce Hotels and Resorts. The resort offers walking tours and Sunday brunch. If you find yourself in the area be sure to escape inside this historical beauty.







I hope you enjoyed your weekend!

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ShoesStuart Weitzman
Bag:  Louis Vuitton
Sunglasses:  Chanel

Flashback Friday

Cheers to the weekend everyone!


My husband and I just booked our next travels! On this trip we will be exploring some new and revisiting some old travel spots with one of our favourite soon-to-be-wed couple. Can you guess where we are going? If my photos haven’t given it away already… Europe! Have I ever told you that my absolute favourite city is Paris? So, Paris of course is one of the must revisit cities! It is my dream to one day attend a Paris Fashion Week. For today’s Friday flashback I wanted to share with you our last Paris trip in 2014. It was by far the most unforgettable experience because we had our memories captured at some of our beloved landmarks throughout the city by the wonderful Fran Boloni of The Paris Photographer. If you ever have the chance to take engagement, wedding, family or any type of photos in Paris I HIGHLY recommend Fran. His work is exceptional and his professionalism is pristine.



We are so blessed to have our love lock memories captured on Pont des Arts before the entire railing and their padlocks were removed last week on June 1st. Unfortunately the bridge will be replaced with plexiglass later this year, but luckily our love remains in the key.








 Be sure to stay tuned as I share our next European travels with you.

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Dress 1Diane von Furstenberg
Dress 2BCBG
Shoes:  Zara


Hello, Sydney


Good Friday is upon us! I hope everyone is looking forward to all the chocolate goodies that Easter will bring. Before I start my weekend, I wanted to share with you a photo diary from my Sydney adventures. This will be the last of my travels from down under. Thank you for taking this journey with me!


Circular Quay – where all the ships dock. The massive Queen Victoria was docked there during our visit.



One of the city’s most popular landmarks, the Sydney Opera House. A beauty at every angle. Did you know it took almost 15 years to complete?


 We took a quick boat ride along the Sydney Harbour to visit the animals at the Taronga Zoo. Unfortunately, I could only cuddle the plush ones.

IMG_5552 IMG_5676

 It’s not just a mountain behind me… guess what animal is blended in the nooks and crannies? Hint: There’s more than just one…


 The highlight of my visit was seeing the adorable Platypus. Due to their sensitivity to light they were housed in a dark room and we had to turn on our night vision to watch them swim in their tanks. Interesting fact: they are one of five extant mammalian species that produce off-spring by laying eggs. Most mammals give birth like us humans. We call them monotremes for this unique feature.



We spent the afternoon chilling with three lovely sisters (behind me on the left) at the Blue Mountains…

…while being entertained by some local natives of Australia.




If you could only choose one zoo to visit while in Syndey, I HIGHLY recommend the Featherdale Wildlife Park in Doonside. It is about an hour and half from the heart of Sydney. This park is not very large, but if you want to interact with the animals without the extra fee it is a must see.



 Walked across the Sydney Harbour Bridge on our last gloomy day. Maybe next time we will climb it??



 Darling Harbour – reminded me a little of Coal Harbour in Vancouver, Canada.




 And alas, we walked some miles through Darling Harbor to get to the Sydney Fish Market. The distance was totally worth it, shell fish for DAYS! If you go early enough the sushi is more fresh, but I was still happy with our selection.


 Good Bye Sydney… until we meet again!

The Coastal Rush

Part 2 of my Melbourne adventure commences… a day along one of the world’s most beautiful coastlines, the Great Ocean Road.

This 150 mile stretch of road winds along the South-Eastern coast of Australia. The road was built by war soldiers honoring the fallen soldiers of World War I, thus making it the world’s largest war memorial. We were blessed with the smooth road conditions, though sometimes too narrow for multiple lanes of traffic. Melbourne was a city developed from riches during the Victorian Gold Rush back in the mid-1800’s. I can’t imagine the coastal roads that miners travelled along to admire the crashing waves and surfer’s paradise. With gold on their mind I’m sure anyone is willing to trek a distance. Luckily along the 3 hour drive there were many seaside towns, like Apollo Bay, Torquay and Lorne where we made some pit stops for a meal and some snacks. Forests of eucalyptus trees surrounded the road, and with a smart eye you may be able to spot some cuddly koalas. But the highlight of the trip is at Port Campbell where the natural wonders can be caught by all eyes.




Over the years, the extremes of mother nature and corrosion helped carve magnificent limestone structures that make up the popular landmarks along the coastline. In Port Campbell National Park you will find The Twelve Apostles and London Arch. The Twelve Apostles were once 12 stack structures, but with time and harsh weather, what created them has destroyed all but 7 remaining. The most recent decent of number 8 happened in July of 2005. There is still time to admire the standing stacks before they get completely demolished. The beautiful London Arch, formerly named London Bridge, was once connected to the fuller landmass creating a double-span bridge. But again, the intense waves and windy conditions caused the bridge to dramatically collapse. This event actually left a couple stranded on the single arch we see today. Interestingly, we were told the “couple” that got stranded were both married… but to other spouses…#sorrynotsorry.




Lastly, my personal favourite, Loch Ard Gorge. I like to call it shipwreck gorge because of the story that lies within. In the late 1800’s the only mode of transportation to Australia was across the ocean. Traveling from Europe to Australia would take up to 3 months before reaching land. The Loch Ard was carrying 54 passengers on its journey, but sadly 52 of those passengers did not survive the shipwreck of Loch Ard. The ship’s apprentice, Tom (only 15 years old), rescued a 17 year old Irishwoman, Eva, when the wreckage washed up on the cove. The two spent the night in the cave before Tom climbed up the gorge’s cliff to seek help. The happy ending is both were rescued by local civilians. And recently in 2009, the arch of Island Archway that was once connected by a bridge collapsed (surprise, surprise), to form 2 single structures. Because if its proximity to the gorge they have been officially named Tom and Eva to commemorate the two survivors.



I hope one day your eyes can marvel at one of earth’s natural art forms. Thank you for reading!

Modern Melbourne

Happy Friday to you!


Before I say hello to the weekend, I wanted to submit another travel journal. I will be breaking down Melbourne into two posts just because that’s how much I enjoyed it. Of our entire trip I would rank Melbourne on top, but shhhh… don’t tell the others. Today I will be sharing just a bit of downtown Melbourne. Our stay in the city was barely 2 days, but long enough to know I must come back in the future.




The lower stretch of Yarra River flows through the city of Melbourne where it is encompassed by a combination of modern and classic architecture. On one side of the river you will find an unlimited array of restaurant options – selecting a dining spot can be challenging. Numerous bridges made a connection to the opposite side of the river that brings together the heart of the city. Schools, train stations, and the infamous Federation Square – ranked “World’s Fifth Ugliest Building” in 2009 (I actually found it to be more unique, combining deconstructed architecture, and a gimps of many eras). The most common expectation when coming to Melbourne was entering a city with exceptional food. We had asked a young lady at the airport “What is good to eat in Melbourne”, her response was “Everything!” but we couldn’t help notice how highly she raved about the Chinatown. Surely enough, we tried a few selections in Chinatown. Their dumplings were steamed in bamboo baskets which is uncommon in Los Angeles. I believe that’s one reason their dumplings taste great, reminds me of being home in Vancouver… mmmmm yes, that good!





Aside from the Chinese food in Chinatown, I highly recommend newcomers to partake in The Colonial Tramcar Restaurant. My husband thought it to be advantageous to experience a trolley ride around the city while dining. When waiting for the tramcars to arrive we met a couple from Chicago who frequent Melbourne on their travels, and all five times during their visit the Tramcar Restaurant was on their to-do list. Brownie points go out to my husband because the food was quite impressive. I share with you our selection. And, did I mention it’s open bar? It was rather pricey, but definitely worth the experience… and our waiter sings! Full entertainment at your service.



IMG_6201    IMG_6208

IMG_6259     IMG_6272

Finally, like any great city, there is always a place us fashion enthusiasts like to call home – their shopping district. Bourke Street has a wide street designated for pedestrian foot traffic between Swanston Street and Elizabeth Street. It essentially makes up Bourke Street Mall. There you will find an infinite supply of street performers, a Myers and David Jones (which is equivalent to our Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Ave), and the shops more common to us Americans like H&M and Zara. And of course Dior, Chanel and the likes are scattered close by but may take a little foot work. My greatest find when shopping in Melbourne, this enormous coin purse! Sadly she was too heavy to cross customs with.


Thank you for reading, and I hope your weekend is more than enjoyable. Cheers!